Sunday, October 11, 2009

Extreme Ballroom Competition 2009

It's ballroom time again! I had my first ballroom competition of the year yesterday. It was the Extreme Ballroom Competition, hosted by my own school. It was at Hillcrest High School in Idaho Falls. I (and all the kids from 1st-3rd grades) competed in the American Swing and the Cha Cha.

My partner was Grayson Dahlke. I only got a chance to practice with him once in class. He was really nice and a great partner. It is his first year but he dances really good! When we got to the competition, we practiced for a while before we competed. We did swing first and then Cha Cha. I like Cha Cha better.

I was really excited when they did awards because Grayson and I got 3rd place in the Cha Cha. I got a white ribbon. I can't wait for the next competition! Here are some pictures!

Me before the competition

Me with some of the other pee-wee dancers- Kaitlyn Lewis, Savannah Huston, Kaden Miller (my cousin), Me, Jenicka Bosch, and Maddie (I dont know her last name-sorry!)

Grayson and Me

Me and Grayson getting ready for the swing. My friend McKinley and her partner are to our right. My cousin Kade and his partner Kaitlyn are behind us...

Grayson and I doing the cha cha


Waiting for the judges to score us

Walking onto the floor

My ribbons


Donna said...

Great job, Savannah! I'm proud of you!

Brittany said...

Way to go! That is so COOL!

Scott said...

Cha cha is good - swing is better. I was always a swing guy. Dance runs in your family. Grandpa Scott

maryellen Ward/Birch said...

wahoo you go girl. well done