Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello Utah!

Once upon a November 4 2011 there was a miller family who had moved to UTAH and the 2nd oldest little 8 year old girl named Savannah was sad they had to move because she had to move away from her BFF's. The next day savannah was getting ready for school when she started to cry because she missed her friends.A few months later she started to like UTAH on January 9th she went to school came home ate fruit went to the PC and started to type this.


p.s. I forgot to mention the family members names.

Anna also none as mom.

Dan also none as dad.



and the J's  Jaxon and Jayden

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Extreme Ballroom Competition 2009

It's ballroom time again! I had my first ballroom competition of the year yesterday. It was the Extreme Ballroom Competition, hosted by my own school. It was at Hillcrest High School in Idaho Falls. I (and all the kids from 1st-3rd grades) competed in the American Swing and the Cha Cha.

My partner was Grayson Dahlke. I only got a chance to practice with him once in class. He was really nice and a great partner. It is his first year but he dances really good! When we got to the competition, we practiced for a while before we competed. We did swing first and then Cha Cha. I like Cha Cha better.

I was really excited when they did awards because Grayson and I got 3rd place in the Cha Cha. I got a white ribbon. I can't wait for the next competition! Here are some pictures!

Me before the competition

Me with some of the other pee-wee dancers- Kaitlyn Lewis, Savannah Huston, Kaden Miller (my cousin), Me, Jenicka Bosch, and Maddie (I dont know her last name-sorry!)

Grayson and Me

Me and Grayson getting ready for the swing. My friend McKinley and her partner are to our right. My cousin Kade and his partner Kaitlyn are behind us...

Grayson and I doing the cha cha


Waiting for the judges to score us

Walking onto the floor

My ribbons

Monday, October 5, 2009

My new haircut

I've had long hair my whole life, but now that I'm a big 1st grader, I decided to get a new haircut. What do you think??

Friday, June 12, 2009

Kindergarten Graduation

Ladies and gentleman, I now introduce you to- MYSELF- A KINDERGARTEN GRADUATE!

That's right- a couple of weeks ago, I graduated from Kindergarten. It was happy and sad. I love Mrs. Wilson so much and I'm sad that she won't be my teacher again next year. But I am so excited for school lunch, and to be able to go to school all day, since I love school!
I hope I get a few of my friends in my class next year- Maycie, Taylie, Cydnie, Amaya..... I can't wait to find out. But Mom says we don't find out about our classes until right before school starts.
I hope everyone loves school next year. And I bet that it will be fun. Bye.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Exciting Times

Hey peeps!

I know it's been sooo long since I've bloggity-blogged, but here I am to give you an update on my fab life.

I am getting a NEW ROOM! I am soooooooooo excited! I can't wait for it to be done. It's so much bigger than my old room and we are going to paint it Pink, brown and white (unless I change my spoiled little mind). The workers are down there right now putting up the trim and making my neato closet.

In other Savannah news, I had a really cool ballroom performance. I love ballroom so much! I like that I get to perform a lot of times instead of just once a year. We are learning a new dance called "Lollipop" and I love it. I get to be lifted by 2 other girls.

In my ballet/jazz class, my teacher called my mom and asked if I can do a special performance at the recital. There is a boys hip hop class and they want me to do a cha cha with the boys class since I am the only little girl that knows ballroom. I am so excited for that. I got to do a solo last year so I think it's fun to do something special again.

In gymnastics, I learned the rest of my floor routine. I think I perform in May but im not sure.

In piano, I am learning 2 songs for festival. I haven't been practicing as much as I should but Im gonna do better so I can get a 100 this time.

My house is changing every day. We are getting all the tile and stuff done and it's gonna look really cool when it's done.

I got a great report card. My teacher loves me. Can you blame her? Haha...

She told my mom that I had a budding romance going on but she didnt tell her who with. That's my little secret.

Okay- that's all you get from me today. It's cleanup time at the Miller house.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

We're off to the Happiest Place on Earth

Guess what? I am so excited! Tomorrow, my mom and Dad are taking me and Mason to Disneyland! We are leaving the babies home. I dont think they are old enough to go on the rides and they need their naps and stuff.

We get to go with my mom's sister Miriam, her husband Jeremy, and their kids Keegan and Kiana. Kiana is Mason's age but since we are both girls, we play together. Keegan is my age, but he plays with Mason. It will be fun to have them with us this time.

My mom and Dad took us a year ago and I was just a teensy bit too short for some of the bigger rides (I'm really small for a 5 year old) so I am so happy that I can go on some of them this time. And we are going to be there longer this time so we get to go to some places we didn't go last time, like Legoland, Universal Studios and Magic Mountain. We don't get to go to Sea World again though and I wish we did cuz I really liked it.

I will post some pics of our vacation when I get home. So off we go......

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ballroom ROCKS!

I'm sorry it took me so long to blog about this, but I had a special day I wanted to tell you about. I got to do my very first ballroom performance at the festival of trees.

My mom's video camera didnt work, so she had my Aunt Dana video it for her. I dont have a copy of it yet but I will post it when I do. But mom did take some pictures that I will show you.

I really liked my dance. My favorite part was when I had a partner named Porter and we got to do the butterfly while the rest of the girls did something different. I like it because the big girls do that too. My costumes reminded me of a froggy. The dance is called, "Who let the frogs out" and it was a funny song. That's all I want to say so here are some pictures for you to look at. I hope you like them!