Thursday, January 1, 2009

We're off to the Happiest Place on Earth

Guess what? I am so excited! Tomorrow, my mom and Dad are taking me and Mason to Disneyland! We are leaving the babies home. I dont think they are old enough to go on the rides and they need their naps and stuff.

We get to go with my mom's sister Miriam, her husband Jeremy, and their kids Keegan and Kiana. Kiana is Mason's age but since we are both girls, we play together. Keegan is my age, but he plays with Mason. It will be fun to have them with us this time.

My mom and Dad took us a year ago and I was just a teensy bit too short for some of the bigger rides (I'm really small for a 5 year old) so I am so happy that I can go on some of them this time. And we are going to be there longer this time so we get to go to some places we didn't go last time, like Legoland, Universal Studios and Magic Mountain. We don't get to go to Sea World again though and I wish we did cuz I really liked it.

I will post some pics of our vacation when I get home. So off we go......